New Sweater dress&Jewel of the angel-Necklace ::Group gift


+M’s Avon+Sweater dress+Jewel of the angel-Necklace


A color is changed if you operate HUD of these clothes.

(The clothes without a script are in the bag of ALL.)

+M’s Avon+Sweater dress
• This dress is fitted mash. A default avatar sharp, and this adapts to even a mesh body.
• The size of these clothes is one.
Please wear , Belleza- Freya if your waist is slightly bigger

These clothes can wear even other mesh bodies
Maitreya Mesh Body
-Belleza- Freya
-Belleza- Venus
-Belleza- Isis


you are default avatar must put on Alpha (For default avatar)

+M’s Avon+Sweater dress+Jewel of the angel-Necklace-RED

+M’s Avon+Sweater dress+Jewel of the angel-Necklace-Blue

+M’s Avon+Sweater dress+Jewel of the angel-Necklace-Green

+M’s Avon+Sweater dress+Jewel of the angel-Necklace-Purple

+M’s Avon+Sweater dress+Jewel of the angel-Necklace-Yellow


 NEW Group gift

+M’s Avon+Sweater dress black &Jewel of the angel-Necklace-PINK

+M's Avon+Jewel of the angel-Necklace-PINK Group gift00_001

Avon Jewelry shop & Fashion (Group)

M’s Avon Main Store

NEW 50%

+M's Avon+Sweater dress-preonly70%off


Premium Only Event

Premium Only Event {Monthly Event 1st – 25th} @ North Pole

Premium Only Event Group gift

+M's Avon+Sweater dress purple _GF




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